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Funeral Service Sheets

(also called Hymn Sheets or Order of Service Sheets)

from $1.50 each for the highest quality.

Copyworld have designed and printed Funeral Sheets for many years now. We provide an outstanding memorial tribute, to a friend and loved one using photos from throughout their lifetime.

Create a pictorial tribute for your family and friends.

Scan family photos to be displayed in a slide show during the service.

Share the photos we have scanned with relatives and friends after the funeral.

Call in and take a look at the examples of other Service Sheets we have produced in the last 19 years.

These two photos provide an example of how we can remove an individual from an original photo and provide a new background and faded border.

Our Graphic Arts quality printer produces quality second to none in Northland. Skin tones look far more realistic than the red or yellow faces we see from others. We can often enhance and sometimes restore faded or damaged photos. We offer a selection of special papers and card stocks.