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Copyworld - Whangarei

Closing December 21st 2018

Copyworld are CLOSING after 22 years - we are retiring

- Counting down until we close the doors. FANTASTIC!!!!

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When Carol and I joined Xerox, the mighty Xerox 9400 was the ultimate industrial copier. Remember the movie 9 to 5 with Dollie Parton and Jane Fonda.

Don't forget our Green ECOSoy Inkjet colour Printer. Inkjet colour is half the price of laser. Currently $25 dollars for 100 A4 colour prints.

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A little bit of our history...

Carol and I have worked in the New Zealand copying / printing industry for more than 60 years now. Carol opened the very first Xerox Copy Centre in Newmarket in Auckland, and was responsible for hiring and training the Xerox copy centre staff throughout New Zealand.

After successfully managing the Northland Region for Fuji Xerox for several years, we decided to open Copyworld in 1997 to fill the gap for a business copying service in Northland. 22 years later Copyworld is busier than ever. We are closing the doors for the last time on Friday Dec 21st. Many thanks for your business.

Craig Chapman and Carol Watson

Our 32' Bridgedecker launch "Kotuku" is for sale below.


Slipped for antifoul and propspeed application in December 2016

Download the Shipwrights Survey (350 kb).
Download photos a recent Kotuku haulout (348 kb).

Our beautiful bridgedeck launch Kotuku is for sale. 32 feet long - lots of room inside and out.

Allen Williams designed and built kauri carvel plank and no expense spared.

Our Boatbuilder tells us that the bones of this boat are unbelievable, with the keel as straight as the day it was laid. The ribs are only a hand width apart
and all structural work and improvements have been undertaken by wooden boat specialists. Kotuku on Trademe Click here

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